Tate-LaBianca Crime Scene Photos


I’d avoided looking at most of the Tate-LaBianca autopsy photos for decades, probably because you had to find a book, magazine, or broadcast TV show displaying them in pre-internet days. (It’s easier to ignore photos when they’re in a book than when they’re a click away on the internet.)

I guess didn’t really want to see them, because that’s when the reality hits you. It’ not a bunch of people talking anymore, or some fictionalized version that exists on a movie screen or in your imagination.

The photos are widely available now because of social media and the internet. Yet for all the articles, videos, and social media shares about this case, you rarely hear people mention the hard evidence and the autopsy photos.

You hear about El Coyote, George Spahn, dune buggies in the desert, the conspiracy theories, LSD orgies, and the glamorization of these events.

But when you see the autopsy photos, the endless speculation and all the background characters fade away. These photos are real – not Photoshopped, not part of a reenactment.

You can hear people describe how the victims died on podcasts, or read about it in books or on websites, but the photos tell their own story. Even after hearing about the murders for all these years, I wasn’t prepared to see these all these photos. I felt sick and, like some of the YouTube viewers, “hid in the comment section.” Of course I’d seen a few of the crime scene photos before, including the photos of the door and the refrigerator, but not all of the photos in this video.

The PIG door may or may not be in Trent Reznor’s possession. More on that in a future post.

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